Castletownshend, Ireland
Contributed By Monty Groves, Member#1410
The following photos were taken in Castletownshend County Cork, Ireland in the winter of 2002.  The photographs are of the Townshend Gatehouse, which is about all that remains of the original Castle.  I was able to see in the front door and there were many portraits and tapestries on the walls.  Some of the remaining property is used as a Bed and Breakfast.  I was not able to interview anyone, as my visit was unannounced. 
Also remaining at the Castle is the Church of St. Barrahane’s built in 1826 on land donated by Richard Townshend.  In 1915 enemy action sunk the S.S. Lusitania.  Castletownshend was the closest port to the sinking.  Survivors were brought here, and victims are buried in the graveyard of this church.  An oar from one of the lifeboats is in the porch of the church as a memorial. 
Look for the family coat of arms in the stained glass windows.
On one wall of the church was a series of marble tablets engraved with the family history of this Townshend branch.  I struggled about how to record this so I took a series of photographs in the order that the text is written.  The text is easily readable if you use your image viewer and “zoom” in to read.  Any volunteers want to transcribe the text?